Visit My New Gallery Website :)

December 23, 2011 3 comments

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while and I know I stopped blogging already, but i’m inviting everyone to take a look at the new gallery website that i’m making :) But I can’t post all of his pictures ever since he went solo.. there must be thousands of photos out already. But i’ll really try my best to keep this as updated as possible. :)

View my site here:

I really searched for a photo gallery site and I found that this one has pretty amazing features :)

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How to use the Forum :)

August 2, 2010 Leave a comment

STEP 1: Go to and click enter

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Updates and Comics

August 1, 2010 3 comments

Sorry guys, I already said that i’m dedicating myself to Gengbao. :)

It should be fine, those who need help or are confused in the new forum, just tell me, i’ll help you out. :)

The forum is great and organized! I don’t see why you guys don’t like it there :( If you’re not comfortable in a thread, then just don’t go there. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

If I still update this blog, the content that will be on here will just be the same on Gengbao’s anyway.. So I don’t see the point. :) And I worked hard for the forum! :D Plus Geng updates way too much lately. It’s so hard to catch up and do all those header graphics all the time. It’s not as if I have all the free time in the world. Please understand.

And, a new chibi artist is also creating Han Geng comics!!!! :D Fu Hei Yi Chang Tian Xia Bai. :) I already posted the translations in Gengbao.


Fu Hei Yi Chang Tian Xia Bai’s Comics

Xiao Bai’s #17 Comic

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Album Geng Xin Out of Stock !!

July 30, 2010 10 comments

Congratulations Han Geng, you once again proved that ..Yes you can do it..! We are so happy for you and rejoice with you …BUT…we are still waiting for ours which we pre-ordered the first day it was on YesAsia..!! hehehe..!!

Hope that was not not part of those that were “sold out”..!!

Han Geng’s first solo album “Gengxin” has been simultaneously released through out Asia on July 27th, the preorder version was sold out within a few hours of coming out. Many fans who hadn’t been able to preorder the album had all gone to big album selling sites to comment, asking for to increase the amount of preorder albums available.

As Han Geng’s first album after going solo, “Gengxin” was heavily invested in, not only the music, but the image quality are all very expensive. The album contains 10 songs and production cost were over 10 million RMB (about 1.3mil USD), including a dance song produced by Michael Jackson’s personal team and songs from gold medal producers such as Yuan Weiren, Adizai, Fang Wenshan, Cao Xuanbin and Zheng Nan. A 30 people MV team filmed in the US, New Zealand and Korea, some scenes were filmed full time via a helicopter to pursue better image and impact.

One can easily see Han Geng’s determination and confidence in starting over, and the detailed production of the album and the concert makes Han Geng’s sincerity in his new start. Recent rumours of plagiarism has not affected the sales of the album, in contrast, the album was quickly sold out upon release. “Fire”, produced by Adizai, is a superb original piece of music in both the musical quality and the MV imagery, completely different from the song Korean Media calls “plagiarized”, the plagiarizing rumors falls apart effortlessly in front the truth of the quality of the music piece.

Source: Sina and 163 News
Translated by

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Han Geng Comics Episode 11-16

July 30, 2010 1 comment

I posted Han Geng Comics 11-16 on Geng-bao right now. :)

11 is about Geng being a “soccer fan”

12,13,14 is about Geng and friend’s July 5 Weibo Entries (the one about food)

15 is about Geng’s release of Wings of Love

16 is about his entries about Long Long and Rong Rong :D

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Han Geng May Go To Singapore In September

July 28, 2010 13 comments

Good news to our Singaporean fans…There is a possibility that Han Geng will “visit” Singapore for a Fan-Signing (autograph) event some where in September..this is a TENTATIVE plan only..! It is NOT YET CONFIRMED but it is still some fabulous news for Gengfans in Singapore…right?

comes with the album

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Han Geng on Super Interview

July 28, 2010 17 comments

Yes the videos on Super Interview is OUT..!!
The much awaited show where he was asked about his criteria on his ideal girl…
The show where his mother distributed MeiHua dumplings to the audience.
Sorry there are no subs yet but because of you,our beloved “fans” of Gengfan@wordpress blog who have been waiting a long time for the show and because of anticipating the return of gengfan..
So now let’s watch…clip pt 1

Summary only..
Han Geng came on the show and he was fascinated that the whole stage could be rotated..!! As usual, Han Geng being playful by nature wanted to try out rotating the stage and he did the end he broke the console..did you see it..? The one on the table of the lady host with a red ball on it..? Hahaha.. that’s Han a little boy..!
Next was his introduction video clip which the host mentioned that his collection of milestones was compacted into 1 minute of film time.
The host was saying that he looked more dashing standing than sitting so jokingly said to conduct the interview standing up ..and whereby instantly our Han Geng started to dance while introducing himself..mischievous Geng..!!

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